Brunei – Kolomee

Kolomee is the term used to describe the commonly found wanton noodles (wan tan mee) in Malaysia. Kolomee seems to be a direct translation from Cantonese. The style here in Brunei is however different.

In the Kuilap area, I came across the Thien Thien restaurant which is a Chinese makan place serving good kolomee. The noodles they use are different from those we are used, served dried in dark sauce with slices of fish cakes and chicken as topping. There will be bottles of orange red chili sauce which goes well with the toppings when eating the noodles. Price as good to, for Brunei $2.00 per bowl, good place to go to makan and save some money 😉

2 Responses

  1. THANIS Says:

    These two would be the Brunei’s choice for best kolomee. Have a look 🙂


    Cool, I will try it the next time I go Brunei! Only problem very little taxi in Brunei and expensive, I can only walk around hotel area 🙁