Korea – Eulwang Beach Front

Was on my way to the US via Seoul and had a 6 hours transit at the Incheon Airport. Besides the sea of pretty looking ladies, Korean seems to be crazy about Duty Free! In the flight or at the airport, duty free are hot and the queue are long! I wonder why?

After rounding the airport to see what is there to be done for the long stopped, I found this brochure on short 1 hour temple tour that cost US$5.00 per person. After going through all the hassle of security check and reaching the tour desk, I was told that the next departing tour is full and the next one will be too late. So, we were recommended to do the go check out the casino which is 2 minutes away from the airport.

After going through the immigration (I must say, the immigration officer is really pretty and sweet :o) and talking to the lady at the tourist desk, I decided to go to the Eulwang Beach is about 15 minutes away by bus. The bus ride there cost 1,000 korean won which is about US$1.00. The bus driver was surprisingly very kind and told me where to stop.

Eulwang beach turns out to be a seaside area near the airport which are frequent by the city folks at Seoul to escape the city, relax at some of the small hotels there and have seafood by the sea. It seems to be a popular place for mountain biking too with many full equipped mountain bikers cycling and stopping by the beach.

The whole stretch facing the beach are mainly seafood restaurant and all of them will have someone standing outside recruiting customers. As you walk, they will approach you and they will even walk up to passing cars to find customers, its that fierce the competition but they are all friendly, well, not that I understand what they are saying anyway :P. But I learnt that giving a ultraman X and they will stop asking immediately, not sure if that is rude, hahaha… but it works!

Anyhow, with very little Korean Won in the pocket, finally decided to sit down at one of the shop, and this uncle owner seems to know a bit of English and is very friendly and kind. After much finger pointing, ordered a Kimchi for 5,000 won and a bowl of udon for another 5,000 won. Water is free and they served 4 different starters and 1 small spicy plate chili to go with the food. The kimchi is really nice, it have vegetables and pork in it with a bowl of rice. The udon is served in potato soup with lala (calms). Overall, I would say the food are really good and tasty is really much better than a lot of kimchi I have tried.

The owner even loan me some loose change in case there is not enough money to go back to the airport by bus and I would definately want to go back 1 day and say thanks and try some good bbq seafood (expensive but looks good) there.

The bbq seafood seems to be a popular thing there, basically it a big piece of charcoal which the lady will first flame it then put in a pot in the middle of the table then cover with a hot plate. Various seafood like oysters, big calms are then place on top to grilled! They also have this small fishes which are bbq and serve, look yummy but cost like 20,000 to 60,000 won depending on what you order, not cheap at all!!!

Overall, its a nice place to look and see, not on a Korean holiday but great for a long transit ;). Komapsumnida (thank you in Korean).

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