Brunei – Sushi Tei

Sushi Tei is located in Gadong in Brunei at the shops just in front of the Centerpoint Hotel. This is by far one of the better Japanese food I have tried in Brunei. The other great thing is that they are giving 30% on their a-la-carte menu *yippie*

I ordered the mix sashimi tei special set, at only B$9.90, you get 3 yellow fin tuna, 2 sashimi salmon, 2 abura bozu, 1 tako, 2 hotate, 2 tamago, 1 rice, 1 miso soup 1 appetizer & 1 salad!!! Talk about value for money!

Other goodies here includes their grilled seafood served in a hot plate as well as the deep fried octopus.

This is a great place with nice cozy environment and provides great value too!

3 Responses

  1. THANIS Says:

    If you live in Brunei, you will know sushi Tei is actually the worse Japanese restaurant in Brunei.

    Excapade just a few blocks away would be the best choice.


    hey thanis… cool, well I am not familar at all, just a visitor, ehehe… and i saw 30% off… hehe…

    yes i have been to excapade as well, cost more but quality a lot better, so agreed with you!

  3. SUSHI LOVER Says:

    I like sushi tei more as i think the food served is more authentic. but if you like mayo & cheese, then excapade is the place