Peninsula Malaysia Makan Trip Part 2 – Day 1, Update 1, Kuala Lipis

That wee early morning after picking Micol, Ken Wei, Kit Yee and Ah Fei along the way… we finally reached Jason’s house in Kepong at 5.54:03am which is the meeting and starting point of the trip. Edwin whom spent the night there was already awaked with Jason waiting to greet us with some simple tuna sandwich they prepared the night before.

Soon, the rest arrived and we are all set to go, since there are 14 of us and only 3 cars, we split the passengers into 5 for the Jazz, 5 for the Myvi and 4 in my Ranger but most of the luggages and extra water are all fitted into the Ranger. We depart at 6.43:09am and head out to the Karak Highway heading to Bentong. From Bentong we made our way up to Kuala Lipis, passing Raub on the way.

The makan geeks ;)

At 8.59:35am, we finally reached the center of Kuala Lipis town, like much small towns in Malaysia, the shops are mainly concentrated in one area and its filled with the hustle and bustle of Saturday morning crowd going about their daily morning routine of breakfast, marketing and just opening up their business or going to work. We parked our cars by the jetty next to the river and decided to go on foot to hunt for Chong Ko Hakka Noodles (N4 11.247 E102 03.299) which is located in the middle of this upwards staircase shops. Its quite unique, as you are walking up the stairs, there are food shops on both side of you.

Clams Fried Eggs

Since we are all great and hungry eaters, we all got down to action and ordered a bowl of the noodles for each of us with some addition of wan tan and sui kau. Chong Ko’s noodles goes for RM2.50 for the small one and RM3.00 for the big one (50 cents more with fishballs). We also order a plate of the local specialty, fried eggs with clams. Basically its clams (si hum) fried with 2 sunshine eggs. The local, small town coffee is somehow always good and the aunt selling it was friendly enough to explain to us that all the noodles there are made locally and even helped us to order a plate of fried noodles (with black sauce) to try.

Chong Ko Hakka Noodles

The hakka noodles is great, soft and nice, not surprising since they made it themselves. Its just cooked simple and serve with minced pork on top, the original hakka way but still tasty ;). The clams to my surprised is very nice too, I mean imagine eating a plate of just clams, yucky right? But this one taste excellent especially when taken with the crispy fried eggs! The fried noodles the coffee aunt helped us to ordered is not bad too but its mostly tasting the local noodles.

Since we are in town, we also headed up to Tong Kok Hotel (N4 11.193 E102 03.259), its basically a low budget motel with a few rooms upstairs for rental and a old fashion coffeeshop downstairs. The unique thing about this place is that they are still using charcoal for their cooking. At the back of the shop, you can see on the side of the staircase leading to the basement are filled with sacks of charcoals. We sat down here for their home made kaya, which I must say is excellent, smooth and rich with some toast and steam bread. The bread are toasted and steamed on a charcoal boiler which the water is also used for drinks.

One funny thing happened here is the way that we are dressed. Imagine you have 14 people, armed with like 7 DSLRs/Semi-Pro plus 1 video camera, all dressed in the same light blue jerseys, and some having tags on them, heading shop to shop to eat and snapping the food like crazy, what would the local think? And sure enough, many of us got the local asking which group are we from? Ken Wei was very happy that one of the local uncle asking where are you “students” from? LOL :D. The lady at Tong Kok Hotel actually asked if we are there to join the singing competition! Seems that there was a singing competition in town organised by the Lions Club, hehe, my response was pure stone-ness :P.

We took a nice group photo by the river before heading out from Kuala Lipis but overall, its quite a neat small town with friendly locals and very nice noodles, a must try if you ever have a chance to in town ;). We headed out of town at 11.03:47am heading our next destination, Gua Musang.

Photos compliments of Law Tien Soon

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  1. BAYI Says:

    While in Kuala Lipis, you should try the pulut with rendang daging, which is usually available only in the morning. The stall is along Cross Street, where Chong Ko’s noodle stall is located. Chong Ko’s is ai the end. This rendang stall is higher up, third from the top (other end). It’s so popular that on holidays, visitors from out-of-town can be seen queuing up ordering some 20 to 30 packets per person! Try this the next time!


    wah… thanks for the tips.. maybe my next drive to kelantan i will go try! thanks!