Peninsula Malaysia Makan Trip Part 2 – Day 2, Update 1, Kota Bharu

We started day 2 of our trip by visiting White House Kopitiam (N6 07.890 E102 14.212) in town, its supposed to be famous for their nasi dagang and toasted bread. This place is packed with almost all the tables occupied. Local of all races eat here and this places is operated by an old chinese uncle with the help of local malay ladies. We tried their nasi dagang, nasi lauk, toasted bread and half boiled eggs.

White House Kopitiam Kota Bharu Kelantan

The nasi dagang is basically rice steamed in coconut milk serve with fish curry but I find the rice a bit hard. Nasi lauk are normal rice serve with fish curry too and I find my liking more to nasi lauk here. The toasted breads are just ok but the kaya is not as good as the one we tried in Tong Kok Hotel in Kuala Lipis. Prices, not that cheap, almost normal KL prices I would say. On the way leaving the place, we also stopped by a famous local stall (N6 07.726 E102 14.931) for some fried keropok lekor losong and fried sweet potato, both are excellent, about 5 pieces for RM1. I would have to say, this the thing I miss most about Kota Bharu!

Toasted bread @ White House Kopitiam

sweet potato guy

We then visited Wat Pothivihan (N6 07.815 E102 08.252) which have a big reclining Buddha followed by Wat Machimmaram (N6 11.053 E102 06.577) (thanks to correction by Tien Soon!) which have a big sitting Buddha. We took a short break at Wat Pothivihan to have fresh coconut juice and some somtam (Thai papaya salad) which is served by all the 3 local-Thais stalls found in the temple. At Wat Pilkulyai, I got a pre-blessing (for Wesak Day) from a monk who speak very good English, chatting with him after my blessing sessions. He told me to also visit Golok which is nearby and that the next temple is where they will celebrate Wesak Day. The monk took me by surprised a little as he look nothing like someone who can speak fluent English, so there we go again, don’t judge a book by its cover ;).

For lunch, we headed to U-Lang Corner after packing up our bags from Ah Fai siew’s house. Its located at Jalan Wakaf Mek Zainah in Kota Bharu (N6 08.348 E102 14.476). Their specialty here is basically Nasi Kerabu which is also known as khao jam in Thai. The version here is a bit different, its green and its cooked with the many varieties of herbs planted and found around the forest next to the owner’s house. The rice is green in colour, top with a salad like of veges and herbs. The rice mixture is a salty taken with either fried chicken or fish. Its a very nice and not heavy feeling meal, I really like that. The khao jam and by 1 plus, its already sold out, but they also sells Laksa here if you fancy some. The friendly uncle here also told me that his “fei chai” (chubby son) have opened up a branch in Bandar Puteri, Puchong and told me that I can also get it there.

U-Lang Khao Jam

Before heading off, Ah Fai siew, our valuable local guide recommended that we try the local cendol. So I asked what’s the different, he explained that its cendol as it is but served with pulut (glutinous rice) and tapai (pronounced as tar-peh in Kelantan). I wasn’t too keen with pulut at first but tapai did it and I just had to try it since tapai is my favourite ;). Tapai is basically a type of fermented food which tasted sweet or sour alcoholic liked which is basically made from pulut or tapioca.

Kelantan Cendol

The cendol stall (N6 08.221 E102 14.721) here is operated by what looks like a Malay family which sells the yummy cendol with pulut and tapai (made from tapioca type) in it. Sounds weird, but taste fantastic and I really enjoy the cendol. RM1.80 for the normal one and RM2.80 for the special one, not sure what is the special one but the normal one already have pulut and tapai in it ;).

After the nice lunch, we had to say goodbye to Ah Fai siew and continue on our journey to Merang in Terengganu as our next stop. So far, impression of Kota Bharu is quite good to me, not as bad as many have thought and the different kind of other goodies like ayam percik, nasi kerabu, etc. that Ah Fai siew told me about makes me wish I had more time to spend here, so maybe next time, it’s a great idea to spend some time in Kota Bharu itself ;). Thanks again for everything Ah Fai siew, hope to see you in KL soon :).

Photos compliments of Law Tien Soon

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