Kota Kemuning – Bidor Pun Chun Noodles House

Pun Chun have always been a famous restaurant for travelers to stop and have a fantastic meals of duck drumstick noodles, wan tan mee, yam puff etc. in the small crosstown of Bidor in Perak. Recently, Pun Chun had opened up a branch in Kota Kemuning in Shah Alam known as the Pun Chun Noodles House.

pun chun

Just like the original place in Bidor, they sell the famous chicken biscuits “kai chai peng” and all sort of biscuits here too.

pun chun duck noodles

I ordered the duck drumstick noodles (RM6.50 – small) and their weekend special which is curry noodles (RM4.50). They also have a variety of wan tan mee, wan tan, etc. I forgot to check if they have the same yummy yam puff here as well.

pun chun curry mee

Anyhow, the drum drumstick noodles is ok but somehow the taste of the soup and the duck still doesn’t taste as good as the one in Bidor but still good :). The curry noodles is alright, not fantastic but still yummy. But one thing, the tea is not really good but overall, ok place to go and you can see the crowd is pouring in ;).

GPS: N3 00.361 E101 32.126

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2 Responses

  1. MENG Says:

    I went there a few weeks ago. The noodles portion was small. Their wild boar curry was good. They were very busy.

  2. SOON Says:

    I don’t understand the logic of Pun Chun. If you do a takeaway they charge you 20 cts for 4 pces of green chillies in a small plastic bag. that’s what the boss lady said. most food outlets do not have this condition – just wonder if their Bidor branch practise the same.