Melaka – Putu Piring @ Tengkera

By chance, we passed by this house along Jalan Tengkera at night and decided to check it out. Outside the house is a stall selling putu piring! If I am not wrong, this is usually sold by Indian mostly and the Malay have their own version known as Kueh Tutu. Its actually a steam rice flour with palm sugar (gula melaka) in it, serve on grated coconut.

Putu Piring @ Tengkera

Putu Piring @ Tengkera

As the kids are watching a Million Stars Taiwanese singing contest on TV, the parents are at the door manning the stall. For 70 cents a piece, you get fresh and steaming hot putu piring serving right up to you. Its better to eat it hot, so we wasted no time and had it as soon as we reach the truck. Its very good combination, the sweet palm sugar with the salted and rich grated coconut, yummy!

Putu Piring @ Tengkera

The stall also sells other stuff like curry powder, home made kaya and of course, Melaka’s famous palm sugar!

GPS: N2 12.062 E102 14.351

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  1. ERICA Says:

    putu piring is very delicious,must Q up for take numbering ang waiting even going early something that putu piring all are sold out!!!!!!!!nevermight i will try my best to get it next time !