Affordable Meals @ LCCT

I hate to go to the airport early, not sure about you guys, especially KLIA’s low cost hub, the LCCT Terminal. First of all, its always crowded, queues are always long and when you are done checking in, the makan place are always packed. McDonalds are packed, not cheap to eat, and if you go to the opposite Asian food place, noodles and all aren’t cheap either and I consider it expensive. Coffee bean, well, what is there to eat anyway? Only have overpriced coffee :P.

Well, during my last trip to Indonesia, I found out that the Food Garden, which is the building outside the LCCT terminal is not a bad place for meal. If you come out of the terminal, its just after the bus stop where all the bus to KL Sentral are parked.

This time, I was early to the airport and I decided to try out the food at the terminal, as expected, the food is not great, but its not that bad. I got a little greedy and went for the Nasi Lemak set, at RM5.50, I get the usual nasi lemak serving of rice with some sambal, cucumber, peanuts and fried anchovies plus a piece of fried chicken of my choice. The rice are warm (kept in rice cooker) but the chicken is cold though :(.

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But how to complaint, at RM5.50 got nasi lemak plus big piece of chicken, I pay double if I go to McD! The food court is also offering their teh tarik (from the nescafe machine one) at RM1.00 per cup and I got a 500mil bottle of mineral water at RM0.80 (RM1.50 if you buy in the terminal)!

So I spent a total of RM7.30 for breakfast at LCCT for nasi lemak plus fried chicken with a cup of teh tarik and a bottle of mineral water, still cheaper than any McD meals and I am trying not to take fast food. So, its kind of affordable to eat here if you are stucked in LCCT, oh… if you want to save plain fried rice is RM2 ;).

GPS: N2 44.267 E101 43.278

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