Felt cheated by Firefly

Today… I felt that I have been cheated by all these so called zero fair promotion by our budget airlines… specifically Firefly. In April 2008, they have a zero fair promotion and I thought they are a really good choice to go with since they promo so much about being able to fly from Subang Airport, saving me time and money from travelling to LCCT. So I booked the zero fair promotion for Subang to Langkawi in September 2008. I paid RM208.00 for fuel surcharges, taxes, etc. for return ticket for 2 persons, thinking that I got a pretty good deal and was looking forward to my first flight with Firefly.

Today, I got a surprise! Its already August, 1 month before my flight, I did not receive any email notification or telephone call from Firefly, but guess what, they had cancelled the flight! Gosh… I was about to book and pay for my hotels and car rental but lucky, I did the sensible thing, login to Firelfy’s website to confirm my bookings! The below flight status appears when I login, its cancelled!

Shocked when I login to Firefly Website to see my flight is cancelled, no one inform me??

I mean I can understand how budget airlines works and if the route is not profitable and you have changes to your plan is fine, but at least inform the effected customers? What if I had paid for my hotel and the tour packages?

When I called the call center up, only then I was informed they are stopping their flights to Langkawi from Subang… they now offer me to either get a full refund or route through Penang, meaning I have to fly to Penang wait there for 1 hour plus (from schedule I checked on their website) and then fly to Langkawi from Penang. I really don’t know what to do now… really felt lucky that I login to check before I prepaid for my hotel!

If Firefly would have call and inform me the moment they cancelled the flight, I wouldn’t be so angry at them, for the rest of you, I urge you login and check your flight! I wonder if I didn’t check, when would they tell us? I thought coming from MAS, they would be better than AirAsia, looks like I am wrong!

I tried to check for alternative now, but because its only a month away, even AirAsia or MAS will cost a whole lot more, if they had informed me sooner, I would have switch to AirAsia. So now I guess, I either have to go through all the trouble of flying through Penang and waste time at the airport or forget about going to Langkawi! Looks like I am gonna ask for a full refund and think of elsewhere to go or just cancel my leave :(.

2 Responses

  1. DAVID CHIN Says:

    Ouch, I feel your pain!

    I’m considering whether to book Subang Langkawi with FireFly myself, and your post has given me some doubts.


    hey david, ya lar what to do… actually I understand if flight cancel, just need to call and inform me?

    anyhow, decided to cancel, check their schedule, a lot of waiting time if change flight in penang, better go elsewhere la 😛