RM3 Chicken Rice at Kampung Cempaka PJ

Its been a while since I visited Seng Weng Yong Tau Foo for lunch in Kg Cempaka, PJ. Things have changed a lot here, they have now reduced the size of their yong tau foo kitchen and have incorporated stalls to sell mix rice, char koay teow, chicken rice, etc. They have also extended to the next door unit to provide more seating place.

The chicken rice stall here provides really value lunch meal, a plate of standard chicken rice goes for RM3.00 here. Yup, RM3.00 in the midst of all the increased fuel prices and the whole economy going into recession. So, if want to save money, this is the place to eat!

The chicken rice of standard portion, rice plus roast chicken and a bowl of soup. Joe asked for extra sauce as its a bit dry and the lady offered us the chicken sauce gathered during roasting. The sauce is thick and you just need to dip a little with your chicken and it makes a lot of difference. Plus, its only RM3.00, what you want la???

GPS: N3 07.035 E101 35.944

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  1. MENG Says:

    WOW! You cannot beat the price. It looks delicious.