Teluk Gong, Port Klang: Revisiting Coconut Flower

Coconut Flower in Teluk Gong used to be one of my number one favourite seafood place to go many years back because of the good food and cheap prices… over the years price have slowly gone up and was getting too crowded to go…

In recent years after settling down in Shah Alam, KC seems to like to go there and much often he would dragged me along with his happy family for lunch there on weekends. Weekend lunch time crowd seems to be managable, I am not sure if its still crowded at night.

Anyhow, one fine Saturday afternoon, a bunch of itchy backside gang decided to go to Teluk Gong for seafood… there are like 10+2 of us… we ordered my all time favourite “kum heong har kao” (dry chili mantis prawns), xo sauce fried crabs (1kg), sweet & sour crabs (1kg), fried buns for the crabs, “seong tong lala” (clams), “lala meehoon” (clams fried vermicelli), “oo chen” (oysters omelette), teow chew steam fish, some vegetables and of course some “yeh fah chew” (coconut wine) and a bottle of stout as mixer.










The appetizer was interesting, instead of the common peanuts, they gave this mamee like fried dry noodles which is quite nice. The har kao is good as usual with the lala meehoon, xo crabs is very nice and fried buns with crab sauce is cool too.




The food standard is still ok here but prices are still not as good as what it used to be. Bill came up to about 20 plus per person but it still an attractive weekend place for a lazy seafood outing plus you always get free dessert at the end ;).

Coconut Flower
702, Jalan Udang Galah, Kampong Teluk Gong
42000 Port Klang, Selangor
Tel: 603-31341218
GPS: N2 57.681 E101 23.826

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  1. ANONYMOUS Says:

    Arranged a lunch outing with my family to celebrate Father’s day today and as we arrived and sat down to order, the order taker had the cheek to tell us that their speciality dish, crabs not available !!(reached the place 12.40pm)
    This was depressing as I booked the place 2 days in advance. Since we travelled all the way from Ampang, we decidede to try other dishes.
    Service was slow and 2 dishes we ordered did not turn up.
    I was shocked to see the bill as they charged RM53 for butter prawn (small size and I have tasted better)and hiked up most of the other dishes!
    Was very disapointed and guess what explanation I got about no crabs when I went to the cashier to pay the bill?
    They used up all the crabs the day before!
    C’mon , being in the business for so long, this answer is ridiculous !!!