Pantai Remis – Dinner @ Ling Song Kee Seafood Restaurant

Whenever we visit my uncle and aunt in Sitiawan, they insist that we have to take a 40 mins drive (less than 30 for them) to Pantai Remis for a fine meal seafood meal at Ling Song Kee. Which, really I have no complains because they serve some of the finest chinese food around. We visited Ling Song Kee just last month and their highlight of goose web and pumpkin steam yam paste really didn’t fail to dissapoint me at all.



The goose webs are braised with pig tails and serve on top of cooked vegetables. Everything is just soft, tender and superbly tasty, no doubt about it. Even people whom usually don’t take like chicken feets and stuff will want a second of this. The most amazing part is even if you want to find goose webs in KL, its tough as goose is not a popular thing to eat here but here, they have it.




The next dish is their seafood pot is filled with goodies like sea cucumber, squids and all… very tasty! Following up are like a plate of 20 over prawns steamed with eggs and cooking wine all queue up freshly to fill us up.

The stir fry vegetables to me is pretty clever, very simple dish of just mixed vegetables but topped with some nice bits of seafood and also nuts making it simple but not ordinary and superbly tasty!



Steam fish here is always shockingly big in size, that’s because they get their supply fresh from the sea at lower cost too. As usual, you don’t need any fancy cooking to taste the real goodness of the fish but simply steaming it with light flavours is good enough.



A new dish here to me is their octopus, they are simply boiled then serve with fried shallots on top on a rojak like sauce and its just amazing. Although at that point of time, my stomach is already bloating (more from the beer I think) but I just can’t stop eating the octopus, a must try!


The dish my dad gave the highest score here is their must have, yam paste steamed in a pumpkin. Simply scope the pumkpin up and take it with the yam, the best dessert ever, full marks.


Oh ya, just for the record, this place is pretty famous, so don’t except to be able to walk in and eat what you seen I had ok :P, when Uncle Lim was alive, the owner used to go to Genting on regular basis to cook for him, so you can imagine ;).

As you can see, this place, I have no complains just full of compliments, can’t wait for my next trip there again! Gambateh Ling Song Kee!

Ling Song Kee Seafood Restaurant
GPS: N4 26.786 E100 37.577

3 Responses

  1. J2KFM Says:

    Hi there, going through your Perak entries. Interesting finds.
    Just wondering do you have the address of this place, or directions to this place?
    and is this opened for lunch?



    yes its open for lunch unfortunately i don’t really have the address, pantai remis is a small town, just ask around or alternatively just key in N4 26.786 E100 37.577 into google maps ;) good luck!

  3. ELVA Says:

    it is just beside the main road, if you come from sitiawan when you just see the big signboard “PANTAI REMIS” at your left hand side, u can slow down and then turn to the left, then u can see it. if i am not mistaken u may use your GPS to search Jalan Besar or just reach at Pantai Remis ask the population there, i think everyone know about it. ^^