KL: Korean BBQ Dinner @ Ampang Duksoo-Nea in Little Korea

We wanted to find something yummy to eat and I thought of Korean and where else can you get the best in KL? Well, in little Korea right at Ampang of course. So we headed there and the place have like 3 rows of Korean restaurant to choose from.

After some rounding we thought we try out Ampang Duksoo-Nea Restaurant. Its a simple but decent looking Korean BBQ place, the owner is Korean and they have all their meat lined up in the display fridge as you go in.

For bbq, the minimum order is 2 dishes, so we tried the Mok Sal, its like 2 thick pieces of pork steak at RM19 and Kochu Jun which are sliced pork marinated with Korean Chili paste at RM22. To top things up, we got a Kimchi Chike (soup) at RM13.00 to share too.

The bbq was really yummy and as traditional goes, you get many small plates of starters, vegetables (with garlic and green chilies) to take with the bbq meat and of course rice.

The food is good and authentic but best part is all the vege, rice and small appetizers are no charge and total bill is RM54.00 very reasonable for what we had.

Ampang Duksoo-Nea Restaurant (Korean BBQ)
B2-1 Jalan Ampang Utama 2/2, Taman Ampang Utama, 68000 Ampang, Selangor
HP: 03-42579655
GPS: N3 09.322 E101 45.141

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  1. IHOMERENT Says:

    wow, those foods look great!