Seremban: Mix Pork Porridge @ Kawan

I asked Micol for recommendation of supper to buy for take away in Seremban at night and the first thing that came to her mind was mix pork porridge (chee chap chuk)! It was a chilly day as it was raining in the afternoon and I thought, hey that would be a great suggestion, nice and hot comfort food for a cold day.

I was told that the mix pork porridge is so famous that it is usually finished within 2 1/2 hours, so I had to get there before 9pm. I reached there at 8.45pm and when I came to Kedai Makanan dan Minuman Kawan, it was as if they are getting ready to close. Lucky they still have some left and I managed to da bao 3 packets for my trip down to Melaka.

The way they sell the porridge here is different, cooked meat and other parts of pork are being hung on the stall. Once you ordered, they will take it down and cut out the quantity needed. They are then tossed into the cooked porridge and topped with ginger, pepper, spring onions, etc.

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Each packet cost me RM 3.50 and the serving is generous. What impressed me most is that the porridge actually taste very very good! The porridge is smooth, you can hardly feel the rice and it very tasty by it own. The mix pork is great to eat with the porridge and each part is well cooked. The fried intestines are very fragrant although its already soft soaking in the porridge.

I must say that this is thumbs up and I now understand why it is so popular. For those going for a try, they are serve chicken that’s sold out when I reach. I think the next time, I would like to sit there and try a hot fresh bowl ;).

Mix Pork Porridge @ Kedai Makanan & Minuman Kawan
Jalan Temiang, Seremban
GPS: N2 44.003 E101 56.277

4 Responses

  1. BABY SUMO Says:

    This is my favorite porridge place in Seremban too! Next time you’re there, do try their pak cham kai too… it’s really good.


    hi baby sumo, yup my friend told me about the pak cham kai too but I think I got there too late, all sold out! Will do next time 🙂

  3. AHFEI Says:

    My fav porridge place…. CAN’t find this kind of NICE & CHEAP Mix Pork Porridge in PJ/KL….

  4. DEBBIEC Says:

    nice.. but compare last time that his father sell are more more nicer, u r very lucky still can get in at 8.45pm, sometime i go 7.30pm also sold out.. KL can get at Pudu beside RHB bank, sold out within 2 hours too.