Sep 8

I was having lunch with Damien and Julian who’s from Penang and I asked Damien, what is the must eat place you will go to when you go back to Penang. He say well, he will usually visit Siew Fong for their carrot cakes and chee cheong fun.




So for the last day of our mini makantrip to Penang couple weeks ago, the whole gang stopped by at Siew Fong Lye for breakfast. The famous carrot cake stall which also sells otak-otak is a stall located outside the coffeeshop. Another famous stall is the chee cheong fun which is located outside as well. You can order all these and sit inside.

The rest of the gang just went crazy ordering everything from pasembor, char koay teow, hokkien mee, char hor fun, etc.



The carrot cake stall seems to be famous, even have Axian’s poster hanging there, but maybe business is too good, we think its a bit over cooked and the otak-otak is ok only la.

The chee cheong fun is good, Penang style with prawn paste, sweet sauce and chili.






The food is good, price and portion is Penang standard, so affordable but allowing you to eat more ;). Overall its a good and very local place to come for breakfast and get a variety of local food.

Siew Fong Lye Cafe @ Lorong Macalister
GPS: N5 25.022 E100 19.741

Apr 11

This place is really busy, the 2 rows of shops around here have like 8 coffeeshops and Genting Cafe is one of them. It can get pretty hot inside the shop and its really packed most of the time. However, there are various types of hawkers food here to choose from.

Chinese pasembur_Genting Cafe

Sar Hor Fun_Genting Cafe

Lobak_Genting Cafe

Assam laksa_Genting Cafe

From assam laksa, lobak, sar hor fun to Chinese pasembur is available here and there’s plenty of stores outside selling buns, kueh and take aways too.

The one thing new to me here is the Chinese pasembur which is like Indian style rojak but made by Chinese. The sauce is not too thick, the filling is almost like Indian’s style except no fried stuff. Quite nice, like a light salad :).

Overall the various food quality here is good but I find price is on the high side.

Genting Cafe @ Jelutong, Penang
GPS: N5 22.972 E100 18.243

Apr 10
Penang: Dinner @ Sunshine Bay Seafood
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It was a night for a small celebration for an occasion that I almost forgot.. haha.. so… anyhow, we decided to brave the traffic after peak hour in Penang and get ourselves pass Georgetown to Sunshine Bay Seafood at Tanjung Bungah for dinner.

Sunshine Bay Seafood

We are being told by Julian to specifically order 4 of their best dishes here and we pandai-pandai asked for 1 recommendation and guess what… all of them turned out to be very nice!

This place is located at the traffic light junction just after the police station opposite the famous goreng pisang place that I really missed, too bad no time to eat that this round, got to work one you know.

We ordered the famous crabs fried mee, “tekat” (something like that, kind of calms la) mee suah, guiness stout chicken, bittergound eggs and lai pak vege fried with scallops.

Crabs fried mee_Sunshine Bay Seafood

The crabs fried mee is basically mud crabs fried with thin yellow noodles (reminds of the crabs fried mee at Teluk Gong). The sauce with mee is good but you really have to eat this fast but with crabs, you just have to take your time.

Clams Mee Suah_Sunshine Bay Seafood

The calms fried with mee suah is really good and I actually like this more. The mee suah and calms are covered with a starchy sauce and its superbly appetizing and the moment you took the first bite, you want to refill more on your plate. That’s how good it is.

Guiness Stout Chicken_Sunshine Bay Seafood

Next up is their guinness stout chicken, now the usual way of cooking this is after marinating the chicken, you deep fried it then stir fry in a thin sticky sauce. But their stout chicken here is soft, no trace of deep frying and the flavour is very well maintain, portion is small but its again very delicious!

Bittergound eggs_Sunshine Bay Seafood

The bittergound eggs is really special. The eggs are almost like half boiled, added with soy sauce covering the bittergound. Just because of this dish, we ordered rice because its just too nice to take with rice. I think I can just eat this with rice and be very satisfied, yes, that’s how good it is!

Fried Vege with Scallops_Sunshine Bay Seafood

The lai pak vegetable stir fried with scallops is recommended by the guy whom took our order since we already ordered their 4 best dishes. I thought this would just be an ordinary stir fried vegetable dish but turns out, the taste is good and the scallops are fresh too.

The bill_Sunshine Bay Seafood

For the 3 of us, we paid RM77.00 for all the above. RM41 for the crabs fried mee (about 1kg of crabs I guess), RM 10 for the calms mee suah and scallops vege. RM8 for the eggs and chicken.

Overall, its all thumbs up here and we walked away with full and happy bellies. I hope they will keep up the quality and maintain the good pricing, I will surely be back on my trip to Penang, already missing the mee suah and bittergound eggs… slurp!

Sunshine Bay Seafood @ Tanjung Bungah, Penang
GPS: N5 27.972 E100 16.807

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