Aug 19
Kota Kinabalu: Fish Paste Noodles @ Restoran Kuo Man
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I was brought to this place by a local friend for breakfast, he told us that we need to be early here. We got there around 7.30am and proceed upstairs to sit and order, by 8am, this place is packed and I was really glad that we came early.

Kuo Man is a popular place for the locals, their specialty I found out later is actually beef which they select the good part of beef and have a special of cooking it tender. You can take it with noodles or porridge, etc.

Anyhow I went for the fish paste mix which have fish paste, mix of beef and inner parts  in the soup as well with a nice piece of tofu stuffed with pork with noodles. The fish paste is big in size, so every bite is nice and filling. The noodles are home made as well, so its pretty springy and good too.

This would definitely be a not miss if you wanna try out local food (although the founder was from Hong Kong and localized) but do get up early and get there early too ;).

Restaurant Kuo Man
Lot 5, Mile 1.5, Sunny Garden, Jalan Tuaran
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Tel: 6088 221 189
GPS:  N05 58.097 E116 5.023

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Jan 15

Mentioned Kota Kinabalu and it is usually associated with seafood… Seri Selera Kg. Air or known as Sedco Square in KK is known as a seafood village in town. Just before boarding the flight home, we made our way to here for some local seafood.




We went and check all the prices before deciding and seems that all are the same. If you sit in the open area, there’s a 10% service charge but if you sit indoor in the seafood restaurant there is none.

We picked Hua Hing Seafood and here you can choose all the live seafood available according to your budget. The only I think I find really cheap here are their crabs going at only RM13.80 per kg! So we ordered 2 types of crabs, salted egg and black pepper. The outcome is a bit different from what I expected, both the salted eggs and black pepper crabs are wet and not dry as I expected. Taste wise is ok la but we are more for the cheap crabs.






The other stuff pricing are ok la… on the average… I ordered some giant clams to be steamed with garlics, squid fried with pepper, some paku-pakis vegetables. Besides that, there are also smaller stalls offering grill chicken wings and oo-chen. Pricing is not cheap but average KK price.




Overall we had a good meal here but the real good thing to really whack here are good and cheap crabs!

Hua Hing Seafood Restaurant @ Seri Selera Kg. Air Seafood Village
GPS: N5 58.641 E116 04.443

Jan 15
Sabah – Yee Fung Laksa @ Kota Kinabalu
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On our last day in Kota Kinabalu and since its a Sunday, the popular thing to do is to visit the Philipines Market in Gaya street. The market sells all sort of things from tourist’s souvenir to local produces, etc.

Kedai Kopi Yee Fung


One of the place I was asked to try is the laksa at Kedai Kopi Yee Fung which is famous. The shop is overall busy but very quickly you would be able to get a table. We sat down after a tired walk and I ordered their lemon hamkit (hum kat) drink to cool down at 2 bucks a glass, things in KK really not cheap.

Ice Lemon Hamkit

Ice Lemon Hamkit

Besides the laksa, they also promote their ngau chap noodles and claypot rice on their menu but I go for the famous laksa which is RM4.00 for a bowl of regular. It looks pretty much like sarawak laksa to me, looks the same, taste the same but called differently :P

Yee Fung Menu

Yee Fung Laksa

The laksa noodles are topped with shredded fried eggs, chicken, prawns, etc. with half a lime to squeeze and very nice looking laksa soup. The noodles is good I have to say, just like eating sarawak laksa and its well worth the trouble to find and eat here!

I didn’t manage to capture the GPS coordinates here, but its at the end of the sunday market near to the agro bank side :).

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