Dec 31
Miri, Sarawak – Yong Ho Laksa
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This place is located below Park Hotel in Miri town along Jalan Malay, look for Kedai Yong Ho. Its just a small coffeeshop with tables in the shop as well as by the corridor. They serve some very good laksa, sarawak style. Its a bit different from the sarawak laksa we get to try in KL but I must say its still very good!

The laksa here comes with thick rice noodles by default with prawns, fishballs and shredded chicken meat. Those sarawak laksa I get to try here or those cooked by Jack are more of fried eggs, chicken and prawns, so slight different here. Soup wise, those I had tried are more strong and sour in taste, where else this is lighter but still its really good, a must try!

The ding pian hu which is a kind of Sarawak Foo Chow’s noodles that looks like koay teow but thinner. Its sort of a pan mee like noodles. The way its made is by having this flour mixture (rice flour if I am not wrong, Jack correct me!) put on a pan, then as it cooks, you scrap it up and cook it in soup, well, at least this is how I saw Jack’s maid doing it. Anyway, I ordered 1 here too, but it really doesn’t taste as good as the one Jack made which have fried anchovies inside. The one served here only have some black fungus and minced meat in it.

The other thing we saw here at Yong Ho is this crunchy and yummy taiwan biscuits, its basically a crepe like biscuits wrapped with eggs inside. Pretty nice and yummy.

I think there should be a lot of goodies to try in Miri, maybe next time when I have more time. Price wise, its almost KL rate, so don’t expect things to be cheap, like Jack said, Miri is quite metropolitan you know 😛

GPS – Miri, Kedai Yong Ho – N4 23.416 E113 59.193