Oct 29
Brunei – Sushi Tei
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Sushi Tei is located in Gadong in Brunei at the shops just in front of the Centerpoint Hotel. This is by far one of the better Japanese food I have tried in Brunei. The other great thing is that they are giving 30% on their a-la-carte menu *yippie*

I ordered the mix sashimi tei special set, at only B$9.90, you get 3 yellow fin tuna, 2 sashimi salmon, 2 abura bozu, 1 tako, 2 hotate, 2 tamago, 1 rice, 1 miso soup 1 appetizer & 1 salad!!! Talk about value for money!

Other goodies here includes their grilled seafood served in a hot plate as well as the deep fried octopus.

This is a great place with nice cozy environment and provides great value too!

Sep 27
Brunei – Jenny’s Beef Noodles House
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Another Chinese makan place I found in Kiulap, Brunei, by the name of the place, its good for their beef noodles. I ordered their “mar lat” beef noodles which is basically a herbal like beef noodles with slight spicy taste. The soup is light, not too heavy with big chunks of very soft and tender beef.

Not sure if the taste over this side are typically more plain but I find it much better to eat with a little more soya sauce to salt it up. This place a lot of other choices whether you are looking for noodles, rice, dishes, etc.

Had a cup of ginseng red dates drink to go with my noodles and it was all good. The noodles plus my drink is about Brunei $6.00.

Sep 27
Brunei – Kolomee
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Kolomee is the term used to describe the commonly found wanton noodles (wan tan mee) in Malaysia. Kolomee seems to be a direct translation from Cantonese. The style here in Brunei is however different.

In the Kuilap area, I came across the Thien Thien restaurant which is a Chinese makan place serving good kolomee. The noodles they use are different from those we are used, served dried in dark sauce with slices of fish cakes and chicken as topping. There will be bottles of orange red chili sauce which goes well with the toppings when eating the noodles. Price as good to, for Brunei $2.00 per bowl, good place to go to makan and save some money 😉

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