Sep 27
Brunei – Big Mama
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Take a look at the picture and tell me what you see, definitely not a Chinese makan place but it is. They have a good choices to choose from (see pix) and I was here for breakfast. Since its the fasting month, we can only limit ourselves to Chinese food mainly during the day. Plus being not familiar with the whole place, we just limit ourselves to Kiulap area near our hotel.

I had the curry noodles as per the waitress’ recommendation, its really different from those we are used to, curry here are more sweet and lack the sambal spicy kick. Also the type of noodles they use are different. The noodle cost about Brunei $3.50 per bowl. I wouldn’t rate it good but can eat la.

Also, check out the pix below, this is how cheap petrol is in Brunei 😉

Sep 27
Brunei – Ayamku Fried Chicken
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Who would have thought that fried chicken can be good in Brunei? Feeling tired after our flight, I was resting at the hotel and decided to get my colleague to buy back some supper.

Since most of the place are closed early, he managed to get me some fried chicken, its about Brunei $1.50 per piece but they are big. First bite gave me a very good impression, the taste or flavour is not that unique but the chicken itself contains good chicken taste, unlike most chicken you get nowadays. Try it, its quite good 🙂

Sep 20

I am right here at this shop now in Brunei, its located in Kuilap area. Looks like a Japanese makan place from the outside but when you come in, it’s actually a Taiwanese pearl tea concept place that sells all sort of food.

The menu will really confuse you, talk about the paradox of choice! Drinks plus food, there are more than 330 types to choose from. I got so confused, I just asked the waitress what is good. They have all sort of pearl tea and juices, some with unique name like fall in love, love forever, etc. But being alone here, I just settled for ice water, too stoned to think after my meeting.

For food, they have their udong (Udon) noodles in various ways, soup, fried, spicy, etc. Rice comes in more varieties, you name it, they should have it. Anyhow I somehow picked the five herbs chicken chop. I am eating it now as I write this (since got free WIFI), what an experience 😛

The chicken chop is basically fried chicken fillet with bread crumbs, then top with a five herbs chinese sauce with chili, pepper, onions, lemon grass in it. At first, it taste like normal sweet and sour sauce but after that you can taste the chinese herbs in the sauce. Its not bad really. The chicken chop comes with rice and fries, weird! The chicken chop cost $5.00, not bad.

This is a good place to sit down and do some work or just chit chat with friends as the ambiance is good with aircond. *still chewing*

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