Jul 11

After a long morning meeting, its time for lunch again, since I am on the road with Joe, we decided to eat nearby the client’s office. Joe then suggested to go to the famous Fishhead Noodles, Woo Pin which I have read on quite a few blogs and heard about it many times.

I was told by Joe that they have another branch in Cheras, I am not sure which is the original place, but anyway, the one in Taman Desa is located inside Ho A-One Steamboat restaurant which does steamboat at night and Woo Pin serve fishhead noodles there day time. The first thing you will notice is there’s no parking, cars are not hunting for proper parking but hunting for places to double park or yellow line to park!

When you reach the shop, you see every single table is filled! So, you basically don’t wait for a table but wait to tumpang (share) a table with someone! This is how popular this fishhead noodles is! Me and Joe had to walk round and round to finally got a chance to share a table, thanks to the kind lady whom offered to us!

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Anyhow, Woo Pin opens at 7.30am and close at 2.30pm daily except for Monday which is their off day. You can either have fish head or fish paste noodles, all for RM6.50 for regular and RM8.00 for large. Drinks are costly, RM2.00 for barli foo chuk, etc. and chinese tea is 50 cents. Then the guy comes to take your order and leave you with a paper slip, you pay when the food arrived. While waiting for lady boss with come with a tray of chilies and you help yourself to take how much you need.

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Maybe the expectation was too much, I was expecting a heavenly fish head noodles, but it really didn’t end up that way. I find the soup to be nice, but I would prefer it with some cooking wine. Fish head wise, the best is still at MCF in Kota Kemuning. But overall I would rate the fish head noodles as good but like I said, maybe I got my expectation too high, I would not fight with all the crowds for it again, hehe :P.

Ok ok… so to be fair, it was only my problem and yes, the fish head noodles is kind of good especially with their chili but depends if you are the kind who would rush with the crowd for makan, people like me very lazy to do this kind of things, rather not eat one but credit goes to Woo Pin for still serving it fast and efficient :).

GPS: N3 05.902 E101 41.187

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Sep 27
Puchong – Cheong Wah Seafood Restaurant
icon1 Cupnoodles | icon2 Klang Valley, Places to Eat | icon4 09 27th, 2007| icon3Comments Off on Puchong – Cheong Wah Seafood Restaurant

We are buying dinner for our buddy boon who is back fr Tokyo on a break and decided to do it at Cheong Wah Seafood in Pusat Bandar Puchong based on the fussy guy’s recommendation. They now have their own building and parking lot with security which is good. The whole place is air conditioned but sadly the service is a bit slow and its quite crowded even for a weekday.

There are like hundreds of varieties from home dishes to good seafood to the expensive stuff. We ordered deep fried prawns topped with oats, deep fried salted egg vegetables, minced pork tofu, lum yee pork ribs, steam fish (pak soh kung) with garlic and onion paste, superior soup lala, herbal steam chicken and a yam ring to finished it off, talk about 8 courses meal!

Not to elaborate more, everything is good, the portions are big and so are the size of the food served and its just delicious. Everything come up to below RM280.00 and we got 9 free ice cream with it, cool! 😉

GPS: N3 02.224 E101 37.108

Aug 19
Port Klang – Kim Thong Lee, Stir Fried Fish Head & Tapioca Noodles
icon1 Cupnoodles | icon2 Klang Valley, Places to Eat | icon4 08 19th, 2007| icon3Comments Off on Port Klang – Kim Thong Lee, Stir Fried Fish Head & Tapioca Noodles

Its time to eat with Cicak my makan guide in Klang again, this time we head to Port Klang for some Stir Fried Fish Head & Tapioca Noodles. In Port Klang town (from Shah Alam direction), right after the Sikh Temple turn right at the traffic light, then take a left, this place is just opposite Affin Bank in Lebuh Beringin.

Its basically a kitchen outside a shop with tables on the walkway. We ordered a stir fried fish head, this is basically fish head, cut into small pieces, deep fried to crisped then stir fried with lots of onions and dry chili in dark sauce. This is quite unique to me, taste wise the fish doesn’t have much fishy smell after frying and the “kung poh” style of frying adds taste to it. Its ok to me but I think many people will not know how to appreciate it because fish head doesn’t have much meat.

The tapioca starch noodles is basically made from tapioca flour and known as Zhi Hoon Kean in Hokkien. Its just like other noodles but its a little chewy to bite. Stir fried in dark soya sauce with various toppings, its quite delicious and though common in Klang but not in other part of Klang Valley as far as I know.

The other noodles we ordered are the “Mee Hoon Tar” in hokkien which means dried meehoon, this is basically vermicelli noodles stir fried in a dry method. Usually to keep the meehoon dry, it will be very oily but surprising this is ok.

Total cost for 3 person plus tea is RM30.50. Quite a unique and interesting thing to try, not to say fantastic but good for supper when you are in Port Klang 😉

GPS: N3 00.194 E101 23.916

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