Dec 10

Just nearby the Pulau Tikus wet market, a popular place to makan is at Restoran Kwai Lock. There are various choices of Penang hawkers food here but again like most places in Penang, be early for more choices, better seats and shorter waiting time.


Its a bit smokey in Kwai Lock as most of the hawkers fried their servings away on the street just outside the coffeeshop. There are just so many good selections of hawkers food to choose from over here. I started with the stall outside selling chee cheong fun and various local kueh. The chee cheong fun looks good and I see a lot of people ordering but wasn’t in a mood for it that morning, so I went for some chai kueh instead. I think it was 9am then and only a few pieces left. The chai kueh is pretty ok with some red sour spicy chili sauce to go with it.



The wantan mee here are served with bbq pork, mushroom and wantan… every stall seems to have their own style! The hokkien mee here is quite ok but didn’t really satisfied me, so I ordered a plate of fried mee suah. The fried mee suah is a bit wet with prawns and pork and the chili to go with it is superb, love it!




Surprisingly the curry mee here does not have pig’s blood but it was ok. Most of the noodles cost RM3 each, still ok. The roti bakar is cheap, at RM1.00 only and they provide you with a satay stick so you don’t have to get your hands dirty and sticky, pretty good idea ;).

Restoran Kwai Lock
Jalan Burma, Pulau Tikus, Penang
GPS: N5 25.821 E100 18.765

Dec 10

Since I was staying at Pulau Tikus, I visited Poly Cafe just down the road for breakfast. From previous visits, this place can get very pack in the late morning and afternoon. So, we got there early morning at 8am plus for breakfast.


I like their roti babi (similar to KL’s Yut Kee) here, known as Choo’s Roti Babi, you can choose whether its spicy or non. Basically toast like bread with pork/vege inside, deep fried to cripsed but can be a bit oily. It cost RM2.50 or was it RM2.80 per piece. Quite nice and they have various other style as well.


Next to it is an aunty selling Penang style curry mee with pig’s blood, prawns, cuttlefish, fishball added with dark spicy chili paste instead of chicken and greens like in KL. Its pretty good and the curry is lighter to me. It paid RM2.80 for the curry.


The wantan mee and hokkien mee stall here is also popular, I remembered the previous visit, we waited really long for the wantan mee! The wantan mee comes with bbq pork and some chicken. There are various other stalls here as well, but only got 1 stomach la… hehehe…


Oh ya, we also got some apong from the apong stall stationed outside, its very good and nice but the wait is long as there are always people waiting and packing away 10-30 pieces each time ;). It used to have a very good lobak stall here, wonder where did it go? Anyone know?

Polyland Cafe @ Pulau Tikus
(Next to CIMB Pulau Tikus/Baskin Robbin on Jalan Burma)
GPS: N5 25.927 E100 18.634

Oct 7

Con’t from part 5…

Next morning we decided to have our breakfast on the way to JB in Pontian town as there are not much to eat for breakfast at the resort area. So we hurried to take a morning shower (which some of us skipped because of the low water pressure, I was brushing my teeth halfway and no water!) and pack up to get ready to leave. We took a group photo before leaving… Elaine, where is it?




We headed out with Patrick & Elaine leading the convoy, they have officially been appointed our tour guides from then on. With pressures to performed on both of them… they finally choose to try out Kedai Makan Lam Yong aka 8383.



Lam Yong are basically 2 shops connected together, the famous thing here is their coffee with the brand 8383. The brand 8383 come to place because when they started to sell coffee powder, customer often got it from the wrong shop and had problem remembering Lam Yong. So, since the family car are all registered 8383, people then tend to say look out for car with 8383 parked outside. Hence, the owner have decided to brand it 8383 and its a good strategy as its easy to remember.





There’s a table of kueh in front and the friendly owner told us to take and he will only charge what we consume but this hungry makan gang ate everything we took with Ed finishing the last standing curry puff on our table :).  Sky just love the “loh pak” kueh here which are steamed from radish and flour then fried and served with chili sauce, I think he finished the whole stack of it. The donut is surprising nice too as its made from sweet potato.



The popiah here is a bit different, as I took the first bite, there are peanuts and sugar in them! Maybe this is popiah Johor style? I don’t fancy it that much but Miharu keeps saying its so good. We also got the traditional toast and half boiled eggs. The toast comes with dripping kaya and butter in it, nice! The half boiled eggs are just nice 1/2 cooked!





With everthing being so nice, I almost forgot to sip the coffee I ordered and I think almost the whole table took coffee. As I sipped, *bomb*… I got a blow in my head… you know like the cartoon… explosion in the head, eyes wide open… well, haven’t reach there… hehe… the coffee is magnificant! I turned to Ed and say you must try the coffee, its superbly good, almost one of the best coffee I had the whole trip! Ed didn’t believe me but he gave me a “wow” look with big eyes after trying as well. Curious? It basically taste like irish coffee to me and I really can’t help but imagine there’s liquor in the coffee… haha.. that is just how good the coffee is!

We asked the boss (Mr. Ching Kim Choon) how come their coffee is so good, he explained that they only use good and high quality beans to fry and powder their coffee and they do not mix. So you get a pure coffee which gives you a superior and thick “kau” taste. You can buy the coffee powder at RM15, its double the usual coffee powder at the supermarket but its worth it! KC, hope you enjoy the pack I bought for you, please bring some to office for me in a thermos :P.

Another yummy here are their Singapore style Hokkien Mee… I have seen this before on AFC channel on astro where they went and find S$2.00 prawn fried noodles. So Patrick ordered a few plates for us to try, total is RM14 for 3 plates plus 1 bowl of curry noodles. The noodles are basically fried without dark soya sauce with eggs, taugeh, meat, etc. It is served with sambal chili and squeeze of lime juice. To me its really nice and the chili is a must to take with it.


Overall, I think we are superbly happy with our breakfast at Lam Yong and the prices are fair too. I strongly recommend this place to anyone looking for good breakfast in Pontian and don’t forget to try their coffee! A must stop for coffee lover ;).

Kedai Makan Lam Yong aka 8383
No. 243, 245 Batu 36, Jalan Johor, 82000 Pontian, Johor.
Tel: 07-6875323/012-7708383
GPS: N01 28.849 E103 23.877

Con’t in part 7…


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