Jun 28

I did a google search on Little Ben in Kota Kemuning and I found an article in Clovetwo that quoted “Our food contains no MSG, preservatives or colouring. They are also prepared using fresh, natural and herbal ingredients, in keeping with the philosophy of Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS), which Beauty Square advocates,”.

I didn’t really know what do they mean when they say this cafe serve healthy food when I visited it this morning until read the above article. Anyway… I was dragged out of bed by KC this morning which then Heng Kiat the regular lead us there.


Little Ben is located in the factory area in Kota Kemuning which is a factory converted into a health and beauty centre by Herbaline. There’s a beauty center, yoga center and the cafe. The whole place looks very nice and comfortable with its natural design with a lot of plants.

Little Ben is nicely decorated giving me a fusion dining experience with free wifi and pork plus lard free… maybe that is why me and Miharu feels that the food is ok not bad but super delicious… heheh… missing all the unhealthy but tasty ingredents :P.

There’s an interesting promotion they are doing… if you are here before 11am, they have a daily breakfast set for only RM2.90 and if you are here after 11am, they have a daily lunch set at RM4.90 which is really value for money.






Some of us ordered the lunch set for today which is their Sailor Mee (Pan Mee) served with lemongrass tea… I on the other hand tried their Nasi Dagang set (comes with a lemongrass tea) at RM9.90. Little Rachel got the rainbow toast while her dad took the curry chicken rice and Heng Kiat topped up with a soya (served with peanuts inside) with yau char kwai.

Overall, environment is great, food is ok but for healthy concious folks who wants to enjoy a good massage or facial after meal… here’s a good place to visit.

Dec 22

This is a cosy and airconditioned dim sum place in Kota Kemuning, the food are quite decent and fresh here. I find it a bit pricey or have prices of food have really went up so much?


Anyway… I ordered the siew mai at RM3.30 per plate, prawns dumping (har kao) at RM3.90, loh mai kai (glutinous rice) at RM3.30, a tray of 3 pork buns (char siew pau) at RM4.20, wu kok (yam dumpling) at RM3.00 and fried carrot cake at RM 3.90 per plate.




The siew mai and har kao was ok, quite fresh, nice and the prawns are good. Fried carrot cake is quite a big plate with a lot of topping. Loh mai kai have a lot of filings too, chicken plus mushroom. The wu kok is so so, maybe nicer if its still hot. Pork bun have a nice cooking wine aroma but taste wise is normal.



We paid a total of RM24.60 for 2 person plus drinks with 2 unfinished char siew pau to take home ;). Decent place to have dim sum and clean environment but a bit pricey.

Dim Sum @ Little Master Kitchen
32G Jalan Anggerik Vanilla R31/R Kota Kemuning, 40450 Shah Alam.
GPS: N3 00.281 E101 32.247

Jul 7

Passed by this place about 2-3 weeks ago, it had just open then and decided to check it out. The place is cozy and contemporary, very well renovated, looks like the owner spent quite a bit on the place. There are open air table outside or you can opt for seats inside the air conditioned restaurants. Service is also good and the owner is very friendly.

Lemongrass Kota Kemuning

Lemongrass Kota Kemuning

The waitress recommended their curry mee, it comes with a light curry gravy with a big spoon of sambal to mix in according to your preference. I mixed in the whole spoon and still find the curry to be a light, base is there but not thick enough, maybe this is their style. There are plenty of “tau pok” and long beans in it too.

Chicken Chop Spaghetti

Sambal Prawn Spaghetti

Curry Mee

Something interesting here is their Sambal Udang Spaghetti, sort of a fusion mix. Its spaghetti topped with a sambal sauce, prawns and some vegetables. The sambal sauce is light but very spicy to me and my tongue was burning! But I would imagine this would be very nice to people like Elaine who love spicy food :P.

I find the papaya milk to be light too but the cincau milk is quite nice. Overall, for curry mee, I would still prefer MC Curry but the environment here is good, a nice place to sit down and chat over drinks and light meal. Total damage, about RM25.00 for curry mee, sambal udang spaghetti and 2 drinks :).

GPS: N3 00.272 E101 32.057

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