Sep 23

Pontian Wanton Noodles House specialized in handmade wanton noodles which comes in various style. This is a very specialized shop which is what I like, just wanton noodles but available in the below style:

1. Chili sauce
2. Black sauce
3. Chili plus black sauce (their signature)
4. Tomato sauce
5. Chili plus tomato sauce

These are the options that comes in dry style with some vege, char siew and fried wanton with the noodles plus a bowl of soup with wanton. It cost RM4 for small, RM5 for medium and RM 6 for big size, pretty ok for an aircond shop.

Other styles available for the wanton mee includes laksa (curry), dry with dumplings and dry with chicken feet. There are also snacks option for plate of dry wanton or soup dumplings, fried dumplings, etc.

The variety of desserts available here are not bad as well and it looks very teow chew as they have things like tao suan and also yam paste with ginko. The funny thing they called tang yuen here as “Ah Boiling”, I wonder how that term came up.

I would say that taste is alright but what is nice about this place is the quality of the noodles and wanton skin itself that is nice here. The shop claimed that the noodles are handmade, no preservatives and won’t stick when take away. I remember being taught by a master wanton noodles maker that to test the quality of the noodles is to order take away and if the noodles doesn’t stick, they are good quality.

I ordered the noodles with black and chili sauce. It’s a bit spicy for me but after a while its ok. We got an additional plate of dry wanton and it was really nice and crispy but a little oily though. Overall I enjoyed the noodles mainly of its quality and reasonable pricing, will be back to try the other types of style as well as the desserts soon!

Pontian Wanton Noodles House
No.45 Jalan SS15/4, Subang Jaya, 47500 Selangor, Malaysia
GPS: N3 04.560 E101 35.370

Apr 13
Subang Jaya: Xiao Loong Bao @ Asia Cafe
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From wiki Xiǎolóngbāo, also known as soup dumpling,[1] is a type of baozi from eastern China, including Shanghai and Wuxi. It is traditionally steamed in small bamboo baskets, hence the name (xiaolong is literally “small steaming basket”).

In recent years, there are so many established that had mushroomed in serving dish like xiao loong bao around the Klang Valley… prices varies depending on where you have them. I like the one in Midvalley but that’s close to RM10 per order.

For economical and yet practical and good xiao loong bao, I like to just drop by Asia Cafe in SS15, Subang Jaya. There’s a stall here operated by a young guy from China.

Xiao loong pao

Their xiao loong bao is RM5 for 5 pieces and you usually have to wait quite long for it, at least 20 to 30 mins most of the time as it takes time to steam and they have a long order queue for it usually.

The xiao loong bao test is always how good it holds the juice inside and this one hold them very well but yet the skin is not too thick. The juice taste good and so are the meat but the vinegar/ginger used to go with it is just normal.

So for an affordable and good xiao loong bao, I would recommend this place, also try out their deep fried yam, very good too ;).

Xiao Loong Bao @ Asia Cafe, SS15, Subang Jaya
GPS: N3 04.473 E101 35.430

Dec 8

Restoran Long Khee in SS15 in Subang Jaya is a well known place for many staying in Subang Jaya. I especially love 2 things here, their fried rice and their fish head curry (assam style). Long Khee is packed on peak dinner hours most of the time.

I was here for dinner again and this round, we ordered some of the yummy fried rice (cannot resist), their fish curry, homemade tofu, wuxi pork ribs, fried prawn paste and fried vege. The fried rice is good as always, full of flavour with some bbq pork (char siew), eggs, meat in it and the rice are all one by one on its own. I am serious, their fried rice is my favourite stuff here! Whenever I think fried rice, I think of this place :).



The fish curry is good too, instead of head we got the flesh which are fried first before cooking it in the curry with vegetables. Its not too sour or too rich nor too watery. Its pretty good and it really makes me took more rice than I should :(.




The other dishes are so so la… the wuxi pork ribs is quite nice, but a bit pricey. Tofu is very soft, first fried then cover with a gravvy with some vegetables, mushrooms and shrimps. The fried prawn paste (her kor) with dried chili is quite nice, the taste is set just right in my opinion. The vegetables are nice too, they add a hint of cooking wine to it.

The above set me back by RM125 on a dinner for 7 persons. The food is good here, but there is always a long wait, so if you can, go early ;).

Restoran Long Khee
47, Gr. Floor, Jalan SS15/4E
Subang Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 016-3808648/012-3571906
GPS: N3 04.644 E101 35.266

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